So many years have passed.

I’ve just been reading over this old blog that I set up in 2011. It was just prior to me heading to the United States to get married. It is now 2018, and I’m still married. We have moved house recently and I’m now living in the country.

Some things never seem to change. I’m still a tech enthusiast. I’m typing this out on a Linux operating system. One thing that has changed is the arrival of a cryptocurrency. It has become a big part of my life over the past two years. In 2016 I started buying Bitcoin and that led me onto the exchanges and a whole world of crypto was opened up to me.

So I thought I would write a post on here again. Hell! I might even start writing regularly.

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Winding back on GoDaddy.

I’ll probably be moving back to this blog after hosting my blog on Godaddy for quite some time. I can’t say I didn’t like GoDaddy. I think I’ve more outgrown it. I wanted to use imap for my email at GoDaddy and started to look into it and found they were going to nickel and dime me for enabling imap in my email plan. That for me was the moment when I decided to make the move. I started to plan on running my own imap email server and that lead me to Linode and I’m having a lot of fun setting up my linode and running a vps with full control. I don’t want to pay for GoDaddy and Linode, so GoDaddy is getting retired as my hosting provider. Long live Linode! So long and thanks for all the fish, as they say. 🙂

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Creedence Clearwater Revival – Long As I Can See The Light

This song means so much to me. I sang this song to some of my family and friends one night as I was about to leave my country of birth, in Australia, to live a new life in the USA.  It’s also one of my very favorite CCR songs.

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Got some webspace.

It’s taken me a long time to get here, but I’ve finally got some webspace of my own to play with.  I’ve signed up with under the 4GH Shared hosting plan.  I’m fairly imressed, but also disappointed with some aspects.  Being my first web hosting purchase I had greater expectations for the freedom I would have.  It goes to show that you just can’t beat a dedicated box of your own for hosting.

The webspace has enabled me to play around with some nice software though, including WordPress.  So far I’ve set up a fairly simple index page, a gallery of photos using Gallery, a Wikimedia wiki, a Joomla cms and WordPress.  That’s enough toys for me to play with today.

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Teaching myself some web basics.

I’ve spent the afternoon using Kompozer in attempt to bring out some sort of creative ability that might be buried inside me.  At least I hope I have some creative ability.  So far I am wrestling with a lot of simple stuff, like finding fonts that I like, font sizes, colors and alignment of images.  I’ve got as far as setting up an nginx web server which I can then use sftp to upload my website files.  Just for fun I got hold of a free hostname from DynDNS.  My stumbling beginnings can be witnessed at

(link out of date now)

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A new social web.

I just had an idea for a new way of doing social networking. I read in an article the idea that its ‘ not about pages now, its about people’. My thoughts were that this was only half the story. It’s not about people either. I’d like to listen/read about some people, yes, but for the majority it’s more about specific content they provide. If there was a social network where I could subscribe to a person and then further refine that subscription to particular subjects they talk about, then that would save me a lot of filtering. Filtering is a big issue too, as people have expanded their social networks, filtering methods have become more sophisticated. Facebook takes the dictatorial approach and likes to filter for you. Twitter puts some simple but elegant filtering tools in place. I’d like to have a social information network that delivers the content I want to get, and allows people to get the content they are after from me. Together we are able to sift through the rubbish to find the treasures.   If a network existed in which you could subscribe to people and subjects and the content that people post could be divided into subjects that would be interesting.  It would need to be a self correcting system of subject definitions in that you don’t want people to be claiming to talk about one thing but actually posting about another.   The twitter tags are great but the length of the tweets is a problem.  Tweets need a ‘more’ function at the end so that if people can be drawn in by the first introduction then they can instantly see more content without leaving the platform.

I’m just throwing these ideas out there on my blog because I would like to think about them in the future in more detail.  The main thrust though is a combination of social and subject subscriptions.  Diaspora actually has a lot of these qualities right now.  It uses hashtags, but allows longer posts.  I would like to see the ability to use more hashtags in our profiles though, so that we could more broadly define our interests.

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The State of Diaspora and Fundraising Round Two – from ReadWriteCloud

The State of Diaspora and Fundraising Round Two – ReadWriteCloud.

Quote from the link above;

….”Remember the Diaspora project? The federated and open source social network that launched its Kickstarter project just as public disgust at Facebook was at an all-time high? They’re back, and looking for a little extra dough to complete the mission. It’s been more than a year since the project launched with more than $200,000 in funding from more than 6,000 donors. Now’s a good time to do a reality check, and see where the project stands. And maybe dig into your pockets.

Today the project posted a plea for $25, or whatever you can spare, to “keep building Diaspora.”

How much are they trying to raise? At least enough to open their own office and provide resources to implement their “larger vision” of “a safer, more secure, and more private social Web.”

Diaspora core member Maxwell Salzberg says “we are trying to obtain ongoing community support. We want to maintain Diaspora as a community-financed project, so the core product can remain non-commercial.””

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