My First Youtube ‘Hit Video’. Beetle Swarms In Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast.

This came courtesy of some coverage in website, when they ran a story on the incident.

A video I took in Surfers Paradise of a swarm of beetles.  I tweeted the local newspaper about the phenomenon, but got a fairly cool reception.  That evening I posted the clips on Youtube and then went over to a friends place for some drinks.  By the time I returned home the next day, the Gold Coast Bulletin website, had sent me a tweet requesting the url for the video, as apparently in the light of day it was a good story.  They managed to find the video on Youtube without me and used it on their website in the story.  It then became a bit of a minor hit.  I found it very interesting watching it’s slow spread across the world using the Youtube insight feature for personally uploaded videos.

I took the video on my Nokia N95 mobile phone.

The video came in two parts and the second part can be found here

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2 Responses to My First Youtube ‘Hit Video’. Beetle Swarms In Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast.

  1. Hi! I am a with a BBC Crew making a series about weird events in nature, caught on camera. We’d love to get in touch with you about the footage you captured and hear a bit more about where and when it all happened. I know its a few years on now but we’d like to link this to another, more recent beetle swarm in Argentina.
    Could you drop me a note back?
    All the best,

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