When Mobiles Phones Attack. Luddite Revolt Ensues.

By Unknown. 195 years since publication, copyright extinguished (Rage Against the Machine) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Luddite Leader: In modern usage, "Luddite" is a term describing those opposed to industrialisation, automation, computerisation or new technologies in general.

Hello Slashdot,

A real life story. A stellar story. A story of the digital age, and it’s impact on life, in my very own house.

The story begins.

Flatmate One had a bit of a fit the other day, when talking to myself and Flatmate Two. It began when Flatmate One noticed we were both staring at our mobile phones and not listening to the conversation.  I was checking my twitter, facebook and ident.ca accounts, posting photos online. Flatmate Two was reading SMS messages or, something of that nature.

Flatmate One then railed against the latest intrusion of gadgetry into our lives and suggested it was not too late for us all to turn back and save ourselves from technological damnation.  That we had begun to communicate more with our digital world than our physical world.  We had improved contact, and or, divided our social attentions with those distant from us, at the cost of those closest to us.  It was a ludicrous situation, Flatmate One regaled, and shouldn’t be tolerated.

I suggested Flatmate One was a Luddite, and that this was the inevitable progression of human interaction. Networking had become an important component of our lives. We create elaborate networks of self-minded individuals all devoted to our personal individual pursuits.  We now have a presence well beyond those of our predecessors, in which we could make ourselves heard.

Personal branding and promotion have become the future.  To be visible and active in the digital world was now a critical part of having a voice in the biggest forum of the world.  If we didn’t seek to have a digital personality, presence and most importantly a network with ‘our people’, the voice of ‘our people’ would not be heard.  The earliest people to create digital identities are in fact the ‘babies of the internet’ growing into ‘adults of the internet’ in a future sense of their growing understanding of the utility of the digital networking tool they have created for themselves and how they can control that tool.

A lot of this was all said in jest, because we were both, Flatmate Two and I, very much caught with our pants down in,rudely ignoring Flatmate One’s story of their working day.  Unforgivable,  so we laughed instead.

Questions this raises:

  1. Is Flatmate One a Luddite of the digital age?
  2. Are Flatmate Two and  I, ignorant and uncaring bastards?
  3. Is the digital information age a brave new frontier?

I’ll let you be the judge.

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P.S. Feel free to proofread too, because I’m a lazy writer, and a lazy blogger.  Grammar comments welcome. 😉

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