DIASPORA* ALPHA: One Month On Board



I read some of the earlier hype about Diaspora* and elements of the design concept interested me. Distributed storage of information, rather than centralised.  Ownership of personal information. I promptly forgot about it and the alpha started without me knowing about it.

One day I noticed invites going out on twitter, to an alpha version of Diaspora*.  My prior enthusiasm was re-ignited and I tried getting an invite but was not succesful.

I searched and found an invite free ‘pod’, called Diasp.org and joined that, but I was a little troubled by the fact that non-official pods were doing their own coding ‘hacks’.

I wondered about the trustworthiness of this situation and began to seek an invite to the joindiaspora.com pod being run by the developers of Diaspora*.

I felt more secure on the official pod. I would add though that I have since rejoined, Diasp.org, as it’s interesting to post from outside pods and see how they interact in the alpha.  There is a lot of bug reporting going on, people talking about browser specific issues and just recently the introduction of cubbie.es, a browser extension for image handling.

To get my invite I used twitter and a fellow named Dave Bell, kindly responded to my request for an invite.  Many thanks to Dave Bell for helping me to get on board.

I have met some very interesting people and read some great discussions.  Members are active and keen to help test out the alpha version.  It’s not really ready for the greater population.  It is mostly inhabited by alpha geeks, experimental types, a lot of FLOSS, Linux, Mac and ident.ca people.

One particular character I came across early on the joindiaspora.com pod was Mike Dawson.  Mike had created a tutorial for Diaspora* on his own website and was directing newcomers to his website to get up to speed on using the interface.  It was an invaluable tutorial and he has expanded on it since.

I’ve now been posting and reading for a month. The interface has had many improvements.  Bugs have been fixed.  Drama has ensued with some strange behaviour towards Devs and a protest about their lack of communication.  An event called the #shovelfest, has become something of note.


Dave Bell (the individual who sent me my invite)


Mike Dawson’s Profile Page

Mike Dawson’s Tutorial

Joindiaspora Blog

What’s New at Joindiaspora

Github for Diaspora

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