Feature Article: Can Creative Writing Be Taught? (via Life and Art) by gillianholding

Gillian Holding is, ” a contemporary visual artist living and working in Leeds trying to juggle family, work and dog walking and often not really getting it right anywhere.”

I like the lightheartedness of the article. It’s easy to read and the thoughts flow well. I’m inspired to try to do something without fearing that I am wasting my time. It’s a little inspiration to keep everyone moving in their craft. It’s better to have done something than to have done nothing at all.

Keep writing everyone.

Can Creative Writing Be Taught? Catching up on some reading yesterday, I came across an interesting item published in the Guardian a couple of weeks ago about whether you can teach creative writing. Unsurprisingly, it prompted mixed views. But I found it of interest because over the last few years I have found myself wondering about precisely that question in relat … Read More

via Life and Art

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