Where am I at?

I made another breakfast of poached eggs this morning for myself and KK.  I’m enjoying the routine of getting up with my lady and eating breakfast together.  After she goes to work however my routine becomes less obvious.  I will usually head over to the computer and start to read my email, check Google+, Facebook, Diaspora, Twitter, Ident.ca, Tumblr and WordPress.  That can be a pretty time consuming process if there are a lot of posts.  If I get chatty then it can extend even longer.

Eventually I end up feeling a bit drowsy and the thoughts of lying down on the bed become appealing.  Most often these days I give in to those thoughts and find myself sleeping away the rest of the morning until my alarm goes off informing me that its nearly time for my lady to arrive home for lunch.  I head out to the kitchen and ponder what I’m going to make for lunch and then get to it.  My gal arrives home from work and we eat and chat.  KK then departs and I’m left wondering what I’m going to do with myself.  On occasion I get motivated enough to do some chores, taking out the garbage, stacking the dishwasher, putting some clothes in the wash, folding clothes from the dryer etc.  More often than not, I put those things off in favour of sleep.

I don’t think I’m using my time very effectively.  I’m very relaxed, but this time inefficiency stops me from being free from anxiety.

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