Installing Wuala on Chakra after finding outdated PKGBUILD in CCR.

I found the wuala package in ccr but its giving an error because the hashsums have not been updated, so I’m going to describe my troubleshooting process on this, as I use wuala on arch linux as well.

I’m assuming at this stage that there is little difference to how Chakra Project and Arch Linux do their package builds. It should simply be a process of grabbing Arch’s AUR package build and using it in Chakra. *fingers crossed*



Now the instructions for compiling a PKGBUILD are here:

Make sure to have the pre-requisites

sudo pacman -S base-devel

Create a directory to build the package in:

mkdir ~/wualabuild

Enter the above directory:

cd wualabuild/

Download the Tarball from Arch Linux AUR:


Extract the tarball:

tar -xf wuala.tar.gz

Enter the extracted folder:

cd wuala

Then make the package:

makepkg -s

This will create the package which you can then install with pacman:

sudo pacman -U wuala-2-20110707-any.pkg.tar.xz

…and wuala! Wuala is installed. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope I got all the instructions right. I’m pretty happy with the similarities between Arch and Chakra now. I hope they don’t get too far apart. At the moment the number of packages available for Chakra is not as good as in Arch linux. Apparently they have less package maintainers too. I think this might be a chance for me to get involved in package maintenance.

I checked the preferences afterwards and it seems the fuse module is already running. All that I would need to do was set up relevant port forwarding rules if I wanted a good connection.

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2 Responses to Installing Wuala on Chakra after finding outdated PKGBUILD in CCR.

  1. tetris4 says:


    Am the maintainer of Wuala in CCR, and I just saw your post about this on

    When you notice an old package in CCR please mark it as outdated, so the maintainer can be informed by email. And remember to vote for the packages you use!

    I don’t use wuala so I seem to missed the updates. Sorry about that. If you want to maintain this package, you are of course welcomed! It’s easy and it’s much better to be maintained by someone actually using it!

    Chakra is a very young distro compared to ArchLinux . Packages in CCR grow day by day, and the more users are involved the better for all!

    Feel free to ask for any help!


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