Will installing Gentoo reveal more of linux or more of my laziness?

I’ve been getting into a little project of installing gentoo this week. My reason for doing so is to learn some more about the linux operating system and how it works. I’ve learnt a lot through my arch linux experience. I knew gentoo would take me on a more in depth journey.

At the moment I’ve got X11 windows up and I’m using the Awesome tiling window manager, Chromium browser and Rox.

I couldn’t find an ebuild for Wuala, so I’m going to install that in my ~/wuala as a local install.

I would have to say that I’m learning more about my impatience and laziness than I am about linux and Gentoo. I can’t be bothered reading to much documentation. I’m not organising my USE flags at all. I’m plonking them all in make.conf and thinking about fixing it all up later.

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