The State of Diaspora and Fundraising Round Two – from ReadWriteCloud

The State of Diaspora and Fundraising Round Two – ReadWriteCloud.

Quote from the link above;

….”Remember the Diaspora project? The federated and open source social network that launched its Kickstarter project just as public disgust at Facebook was at an all-time high? They’re back, and looking for a little extra dough to complete the mission. It’s been more than a year since the project launched with more than $200,000 in funding from more than 6,000 donors. Now’s a good time to do a reality check, and see where the project stands. And maybe dig into your pockets.

Today the project posted a plea for $25, or whatever you can spare, to “keep building Diaspora.”

How much are they trying to raise? At least enough to open their own office and provide resources to implement their “larger vision” of “a safer, more secure, and more private social Web.”

Diaspora core member Maxwell Salzberg says “we are trying to obtain ongoing community support. We want to maintain Diaspora as a community-financed project, so the core product can remain non-commercial.””

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