Installing Wuala on Chakra after finding outdated PKGBUILD in CCR.

I found the wuala package in ccr but its giving an error because the hashsums have not been updated, so I’m going to describe my troubleshooting process on this, as I use wuala on arch linux as well.

I’m assuming at this stage that there is little difference to how Chakra Project and Arch Linux do their package builds. It should simply be a process of grabbing Arch’s AUR package build and using it in Chakra. *fingers crossed*



Now the instructions for compiling a PKGBUILD are here:

Make sure to have the pre-requisites

sudo pacman -S base-devel

Create a directory to build the package in:

mkdir ~/wualabuild

Enter the above directory:

cd wualabuild/

Download the Tarball from Arch Linux AUR:


Extract the tarball:

tar -xf wuala.tar.gz

Enter the extracted folder:

cd wuala

Then make the package:

makepkg -s

This will create the package which you can then install with pacman:

sudo pacman -U wuala-2-20110707-any.pkg.tar.xz

…and wuala! Wuala is installed. ūüôā

I hope I got all the instructions right. I’m pretty happy with the similarities between Arch and Chakra now. I hope they don’t get too far apart. At the moment the number of packages available for Chakra is not as good as in Arch linux. Apparently they have less package maintainers too. I think this might be a chance for me to get involved in package maintenance.

I checked the preferences afterwards and it seems the fuse module is already running. All that I would need to do was set up relevant port forwarding rules if I wanted a good connection.

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Atheros 2413 wireless connection issue. Arch Linux, Toshiba Satellite laptop.

I finally bit the bullet and decided to troubleshoot my problem with wireless on an old Toshiba Satellite laptop that someone had given me.  The battery is stuffed and I have to keep it plugged in to use it, but it will be a handy little device to sit on a table somewhere so I can have internet access in another room.

Anyway, I had it working just fine using an ethernet cable directly connected into the back, but I had never managed to get the wireless working.

First I used lspci:

[random@myhost ~]$ lspci | grep -i net
09:02.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+ (rev 10)
09:04.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR2413 802.11bg NIC (rev 01)

Apparently I have an Atheros 2413 chip.

Check if the module was loaded by the kernel:

[random@myhost ~]$ sudo modprobe -l | grep ath

According to the Arch wiki guide the ath5k drivers should be good. ¬†Modprobe shows them as loaded, so I don’t need to worry about that.

I set up netcfg with the netprofile ‘homewireless’ according the Arch wiki guide. ¬†I bring the network up and I hit a problem straight away.


I can ping but I can’t browse any websites. ¬†When I ssh into the laptop I can ls very small directories, but if there are too many entries then it stops listing the directory. ¬†Running htop in ssh gives me a black screen.

Eventually I figure I’m connected, but I don’t seem to be getting a very fast transfer rate. ¬†In fact the transfer rate seems to be almost¬†negligible.

Time to google for some answers.

Answer is a workaround, not a solution. ¬†It seems there is a bug with 2413 hardware and ath5k drivers. ¬†If you load the module with the option nohwcrypt then it browses fine. ¬†Otherwise it won’t browse.

So I unload my ath5k module:

sudo rmmod ath5k

Then I load the ath5k module with the nohwcrypt option:

sudo modprobe ath5k nohwcrypt

Then I take the network down:

sudo netcfg down homewireless

Then I bring the network up again:

sudo netcfg up homewireless

And wuala!, web browsing is working.

To automate this at boot time you can add this line to a file in /etc/modprobe.d/

options ath5k nohwcrypt

The file you add it to can be your /etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.conf file if you like. That is the choice I made.

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Diaspora is making a difference

Diaspora is making a difference.

Diaspora has just released their latest blog statement.  The project is moving along well.

Hi everyone –

Although we’ve been quiet for a while, it’s because we’ve been working hard, head-down.

We’re thrilled to say we’ve built the first stage of a new social web, one better than what’s out there today: a place where each of us owns our own information, where each person controls his or her own privacy, where no-one is a product, and where we all control our own destinies.

Inspiring words!  Check it out today.

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Getting walked by the dog.


The dog has been out walking me lately in the August sun in Indiana. ¬†It’s actually quite pleasant to be outside now. ¬†For the whole of July and the early part of August we experienced a bit of a heatwave. ¬†I barely ventured further than putting my nose out the door to see if my Netflix DVD had arrived. ¬†I started walking the dog early in August to get some exercise for myself. ¬†The dog has become a greater fan of the experience than me and has become adept at begging me to take him for a walk. ¬†I will be at the computer doing my thing when a large dog snout pushes up under my mouse hand and I find myself no longer moving a mouse, but patting a dog. ¬†He then¬†proceeds¬†to¬†vocalize¬†his desire for my attention with a sort of howling whine that’s¬†impossible¬†to ignore.

After I have endured a few of these moments I eventually succumb to his demands and admit that its probably a good idea for me to get some exercise too. ¬†He rushes out to the door and sits wagging his tail madly with his chin up in the air and his ears pinned back waiting for me to attach the leash. ¬†When we finally get outside, he begins to forcibly drag me out to the road. ¬†I probably should fight this and drag him back to ‘heel’ at my side, but honestly my pace is a little too slow for him and I think he much prefers a bit of a free leash so he can trot around.

While I was getting walked by the dog today, I started thinking about the change of season approaching and what differences I had noted. ¬†It¬†occurred¬†to me that I had not seen any lightning bugs in the evening. ¬†This was a¬†realization¬†that was a little¬†disappointing¬†because they’ve always been a cherished memory of Indiana in July for me. ¬†July was by chance the time I always visited. ¬†I can only imagine Indiana as a hot humid summery place at the moment. ¬†That’s going to be changing soon though. ¬†The Fall is approaching. ¬†My wife tells me that its her favourite time of the year and that the colors are magnificent as the leaves change and fall from the trees.

I’ll be looking forward to those changes. ¬†What comes after the Fall is something I am not so sure about. ¬†It’s been 30+ years since I’ve seen snow. ¬†I spent most of that time living in a sub-tropical climate on the east coast of Australia. ¬†The local Hoosiers speak to me of the winter in foreboding terms.

They say,

“Are you ready for the Winter?”¬†, in tones that make me feel that a great joke is about to played on me.

So soon the leaves will begin to change color, later on they will fall. ¬†Then I will be staring out over a landscape of bare branches, with trees mimicking death, as my first Indiana winter approaches. ¬†It’s foreboding has already reached my Summer!

Taken from my “Indiana Dreaming” blog on Tumblr.

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Joined Empire Avenue

It’s an interesting concept. Investing in people into social networking….it might be a good motivator to actually do stuff.

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Where am I at?

I made another breakfast of poached eggs this morning for myself and KK. ¬†I’m enjoying the routine of getting up with my lady and eating breakfast together. ¬†After she goes to work however my routine becomes less obvious. ¬†I will usually head over to the computer and start to read my email, check Google+, Facebook, Diaspora, Twitter,, Tumblr and WordPress. ¬†That can be a pretty time consuming process if there are a lot of posts. ¬†If I get chatty then it can extend even longer.

Eventually I end up feeling a bit drowsy and the thoughts of lying down on the bed become appealing. ¬†Most often these days I give in to those thoughts and find myself sleeping away the rest of the morning until my alarm goes off informing me that its nearly time for my lady to arrive home for lunch. ¬†I head out to the kitchen and ponder what I’m going to make for lunch and then get to it. ¬†My gal arrives home from work and we eat and chat. ¬†KK then departs and I’m left wondering what I’m going to do with myself. ¬†On occasion I get motivated enough to do some chores, taking out the garbage, stacking the dishwasher, putting some clothes in the wash, folding clothes from the dryer etc. ¬†More often than not, I put those things off in favour of sleep.

I don’t think I’m using my time very effectively. ¬†I’m very relaxed, but this time inefficiency stops me from being free from anxiety.

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Life is changing….

I’ve arrived in a new country. Suddenly everything seems different or more like something my daughter would say.

“Same, same but different.”

I was nearly going to delete my blog because I couldn’t see myself having the time to write anything, but now I am on it, I get the feeling I might have lots to write about.

Time will tell….

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